What is Supported Employment?

Supported employment is one of many effective ways of assisting persons with disabilities in gaining and maintaining employment.

We help in providing situational assessment, job development, placement and training services and long term follow along both individually and in groups.

About Us

Supported Employment of Virginia, Inc. (SEV), is a non-facility organization founded in October of 1986 in response to the lack of available employment options in the Richmond area for individuals with disabilities. SEV was the first private, non-facility company in the nation to provide supported, competetive employment and off-site integrated enclave services.

Since its inception, SEV has provided supported employment services training to organizations around the nation and the world from as far away as Ireland, Australia, and Japan. SEV developed some of the first supported employment marketing brochures disseminated accross the country.

SEV is a Richmond-based company serving more city residents in supported employment services than any other vendor. While increasing service capacity, Supported Employment of Virginia has focused on continually improving the quality of SEV's employment services programs.

Supported Employment of Virginia currently operates fourteen enclave sites in the city of Richmond. These community-based sites are located within hotels, manufacturing companies, and retail stores, providing employment services for over 100 individuals.

SEV provides supported competitive services to over 30 workers employed in regular jobs throughout the Richmond area.